Language, Cognition and Development Lab


We are grateful for the following funding support:

Programme “Ideas”
Call identifier: ERC-2010-AdG Proposal No 269502 - PASCAL (Processing Activates Specific Constraints for Language Acquisition) 2011-2016
McDonnell Foundation Grant 21002089 2004-2006
European Commission CALACEI Universal and Specific Properties of a Uniquely Human Competence. Tools to study language acquisition in early infancy: Brain and Behavioural Studies [pdf] 2005-2008
Hitachi   2002-2004
MIUR FIRB Basi neurali delle risposte comportamentali a compiti cognitivi 2003-2006
Human Frontiers Science Program Processing Consequences of Contrasting Language Phonologies 2002-2005
Regione Friuli - Venezia Giulia Identificazione dell’oggetto e identificazione della specie nel bambino 2003-2004