Language, Cognition and Development Lab

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We organized a final workshop to divulge the findings of the PASCAL project: The workshop on Perception and Acquisition of Language took place from the 20th to the 22nd April 2016.
The workshop played a key role in allowing laboratory members to introduce the latest findings to some of the closest collaborators of the ERC project and the leading researchers in infant development.

Download the program and talk abstracts in PDF format.

Taking advantage of the presence of many scientists from all over the world in occasion of a PhD Honoris Causa awarded by SISSA to Noam Chomsky (on September 17th 2012), we organised a (very successful) workshop on Cognitive Modules and Interfaces (September, 18th-19th 2012). The workshop had over 100 attendees - from various countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the USA) - amongst which some of the major experts of Cognition and Linguistics. Video recordings of the workshop key talks are available online at:

Download the program of Cognitive Modules & Interfaces Workshop in PDF format here.

Past Events

  • CALACEI-2006: Tools to Study Language Acquisition in Early Infancy. Trieste - 5th to 8th May 2006